Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HSF14 Challenge #13 - Under $10

This challenge threw me much more than I expected it to, mostly due to my chronic indecision.  I have some fabric that was gifted to me, which I thought would make a pretty dress.  Not enough yardage.  Then I decided to make a cloche hat, using an old felt hat I've had for so long, I think maybe my mother bought it for me in high school.  I spent an entire weekend steaming and reshaping and pinning this hat, but I just wasn't happy with it.  So I set it aside, with plans to come back to it during a future challenge.

Finally, I turned to a 1920's pattern that I mocked up previously from The Cut of Women's Clothes.  It's actually a 1924 day dress, but I cut it off at the hip to make a blouse.  The only other alterations I made were to add a waistband and change the collar.  The original pattern had a large dramatic collar that took up most of the top.  I liked in on the mockup, but didn't care for it in the fabric I used.  Instead I made a simple long scarf collar that I could tie at the bottom of the neckline.

The main fabric was purchased several years ago at a very special sale.  Several friends of mine (and myself too at various times) worked at a nearby theme park.  Their costume shop decided to hold a sale to get rid of some of their excess materials and costumes.  Costume shop employees could bring a guest to the sale, and my best friend was working there at the time.  I came home with a lot of great stuff, and a lot of stuff that has just sat in my sewing room since.  I bought an entire roll (8-10 yards?) of drapey blue fabric with circles on it for $5.  Not sure what I intended it for at the time, but it has come in handy for mocking up garments that would be finished in silk or chiffon.  I don't really love the pattern anymore, but I thought I might dye it into something subtler.  I normally just guesstimate the amount I spend on each project, but given the parameters of this challenge, I had to count much more closely.  Since I needed barely two yards for the blouse, and I was able to use scraps from other projects for interfacing the cuffs and waistband, I could spare the money for some purple dye.  Truth be told, I wanted blue, but the store was out.

Original color

Dyed purple

The original collar that I didn't like.

I was really happy with the way the color turned out, and the blouse went together pretty smoothly after that.  I French seamed most of the garment, with just a couple of seams overlocked with my serger.  Towards the end, the fabric got a  bit temperamental and starting pulling; hopefully it won't be noticeable.

The Challenge: Under $10

Fabric: No idea of the fiber content; probably a poly or rayon.
Pattern:  1924 day dress, The Cut of Women's Clothes
Year: 1924
Notions: None
How historically accurate is it? About half and half.  The pattern is a period pattern that I sized up, but the fabric is synthetic.  I also used my serger on a few seams.  
Hours to complete: 6 hours maybe
First worn: Not yet, except to model.  
Total cost: About $8

And the finished product:

Hiding under the overhang on the porch.

Because of course it's raining on the day I wanted to take pictures.

And the back, with my faux-bob fallen down.

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  1. The colour is awesome, I never would have guessed it did not come like that!
    And great job on turning a dress into a blouse. I like the scarf-collar!