Wednesday, September 17, 2014

HSF14 Challenge #17 - Yellow

I did not get very lucky with the color challenges this year.  Although very fond of black and white, my two least favorite colors in the world are pink and yellow (in that order).  But I am determined to complete all challenges this year.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  My initial plan was to make a 1912ish gown that I planned as gold, but I thought I could work in rich yellows.  Life has intervened more than once, and it got pushed to Poetry in Motion, then to All That Glitters.  I had planned to make a chemise to wear under the gown for Terminology, but ended up making a cloche hat instead.  Fortunately, my cotton voile was a shade of pale yellow, so I bumped it a challenge.

I have a fantastic reproduction of an Altman's 1915 catologue that I used for reference.  I didn't use a pattern, just a lot of eyeballing and trial and error.  I was planning to do an Envelope Chemise, but the mock-up looked a bit too much like a diaper.  So I extended the length and made a long chemise.  Due to illness and general grumpiness, I finished late and have no in-progress photos to share.  But I think it turned out well enough, and I don't despise the color.  It's a cotton voile I got for a steal at, but whoa is it sheer.  Gonna have to plan a pair of drawers if I ever want to wear the underwear on it's own.  I didn't get too historical on the lace, because I didn't think I had the time or resources to get the good stuff.  So I basically just picked what I liked at Joann.  The yellow grosgrain was a last minute substitute as it turned out my white grosgrain was too wide.  The entire garment is French seamed.

Inspiration a little help from Leimomi's pinterest

The Challenge: Yellow

Fabric: Yellow cotton voile
Pattern:  None
Year: 1915
Notions: White lace, white ribbon, yellow grosgrain
How historically accurate is it? The cotton voile is an appropriate fabric, and the construction techniques could all have been done that way.  The lace is probably less so.

Hours to complete: I couldn't even guess, I worked on this so intermittently.
First worn: Not yet.
Total cost: $25

And the result:

Finished chemise

The front

The back

Lace trim

Paired with my 1914 corset

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