Monday, May 16, 2016

Still Alive

I know, I know, I have this tendency to disappear from my blog for long periods of time.  But I get busy, and without something like the HSF to motivate me, I just forget to blog about...well, anything.

I'll keep this short for now, just a sampling of stuff I've made that didn't end up here...

Peggy Carter undercover as a dairy inspector

This is the 1912 evening gown I was building up to all 2014 during the HSF.  I didn't complete it until the following year, and I have yet to get good pictures of it, but I love the way it turned out.

At Mickey's Not-So-Scary, with my favorite people as the characters of Inside Out.  L to R: Disgust, Anger, Bing Bong, Riley, Joy, Sadness, and me as Fear

One of the most recent Captain America dresses I've made.

A dress I made for my first Dapper Day

A simple dress for a cousin's wedding

A Christmas plaid

My second Dapper Day, as Soda Shop Ariel.

My last French Harlot costume for John LeVique Pirate Days

The latest Cap dress, made for the premiere of Civil War.

And finally, me as Ophelia Frump, visiting with sister Morticia and her family.

Hopefully I can get back to blogging some projects again soon!

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