Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kami's Costume Post

Here begins the epic costume post for Kami.  This could take awhile, so go to the bathroom, get a snack, and settle in.  We'll start with the costumes she has made for herself...cause she's awesome.

Her second year at Bay Area Renaissance Festival, as the Lady Mayor's Sister-in-Law

Her third year at Bay Area, as the Lady Mayor herself (upgrade!)  It's hand-beaded.  Yeah.

After a bad rain made the Lady Mayor unsalvagable, the costume got a face lift two years later:

It also had a surcoat that could be worn over the kirtle, although in Florida, it was rarely cool enough.

Kami's long-running character from the John LeVique Pirate days, Margarita Conchita Consuela Reyes.  She knows it's a moutful, but then, so is she!  Yep, she's the Spanish Harlot.

Then there's her costumes for others, beginning with the Baroness Blackheath.  The first dress was pretty heavy, and affectionately called the "Ottoman Empire" dress...cause it looked like furniture.  It's funny.  Nevermind.

The second edition was a lighter fabric, and had a slight change of sleeve design.  Yey, puffy sleeves!

The Baroness Blackheath has had numerous children, and among them were Victor and Tristan, who looked suspiciously alike.  Kami made them both doublets, sporting a fancy hidden zipper for easier dressing.
Victor Blackheath:

And Tristan Blackheath:

And the finest doublet she's made, and certainly the most difficult, the "Macbeth" doublet. (We can say that cause we're not in a theatre.  Thbpt.)

And originally created specifically for this character is the "Finnegan Murphy" coat.  It even has little interior pockets for pilfered items.  Well, he was the Prince of Thieves.  In that non-Kevin-Costner-cause-he-can-actually-act way.

And in the Giant Dress of Doom category, we present Kami's take on Queen Elizabeth I.  The silhouette was based on the Armada portrait, and the only things not made by Kami were the hat and ruff.  She decorated them, though.

We don't have pictures of a lot of Miss Kami's work, but should any come to light, they will be posted in the future.

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