Thursday, December 9, 2010

Obligatory Introduction Post (of Doom)

As all crafters and costumers know, there is a fatal ennui that comes from not having a project to work on.  Most of us alleviate the threat of it by having at least 67 projects in progress at one time, plus another 39 floating around in our heads for “one of these days.”
The Wylde Hills blog is intended to provide an outlet for the creative experiments of two intrepid (and fabulous) ladies.  In other words, we're keeping a record so we can point to it and go, "See!  We finished stuff!"  Our two typical creative endeavors usually involve either sewing or cooking, and both will be discussed here.  They say you should have a very specific topic for your blog.  We say, "screw that." 
And now, to introduce the players of the Wylde Hills Blog:
Kami (the Wylde) and Regina (the Hills).  Kami and Regina met at work, where Kami was Regina’s supervisor.  Several jobs and lots of life changes later, we’re best friends and collaborators.  Granted, a lot of that collaboration is “I’ve tried to do too much!  Help!”  Just the same, we’ve done some amazing work.  It’s high time we actually PLANNED to do a project together.  So we have embarked on weekly recipe testing experiments, and will soon be facing down a grand costuming experiment.  More on that later.
Kami has a Master’s degree in Theatre.  Regina has a Bachelor’s degree, also in Theatre.  Kami’s favorite period for historical costuming is Georgian, and her favorite color is purple.  Regina’s favorite period is Victorian (bustle) and she does not have a favorite color.  She does however, have lots of rules about color, like not using purple and red together, or brown and black, and hates mixing metallics.  Kami thinks these opinions are bizarre. 
Kami is a meticulous seamstress with the knowledge of all the proper techniques.  Regina is a meticulous costume crafter, who will bead a garment by hand, but would rather rush through the actual sewing.  Regina is the lead cook in the kitchen with a tendency to go, "Eh...let's skip that part of the recipe and try something different!"  Kami follows recipes to the letter, otherwise she runs the risk of burning water.
Kami is a Cancer  who tends toward the melodramatic moodiness of a creature that that lives by the motto, “Bitch! ::Pinches:: No don’t hurt me! ::Retreates into shell::  Kami’s fight or flight response has an extra option.  FREAK FIRST, than fight or flight. 
Regina is an Aquarian who tends toward the quirky contradictory nature of that sign, varying between the highly intelligent discussion and bizarre nonsequitors.  As in “Well if you examine the symbolic nature of the color palette in this scene…PUUUUPPPPPYYYY!!!”  Regina’s emergency response system is set firmly on flight with her first inclination being to hit the deck. 
While sewing, Kami always explains what she needs in great detail that Regina probably won’t remember after step two.  Regina explains what she needs by telling Kami, “It needs to look like this…make it happen."
While cooking, Regina mostly takes the reins, while Kami acts as the lovely and talented assistant - and official Nom Inspector.  Kami thinks she has the best end of the deal.
Hopefully some people will join us on our journey of Epic Costuming and Experimental Cooking.  We'll be over here, eating too much and stabbing ourselves with sewing needles.
Oh,and life is more entertaining when you randomly add "of doom" to the end of things.

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