Friday, May 16, 2014

HSF14 Challenge #9 - Black and White

So I got a little behind after faire season.  It requires some serious unwinding, so I spent more time vegging than I should have.  But although it's belated, I have (mostly) completed the Black and White Challenge.  A few years ago, I spotted some fantastic black and white fabric in the bargain section of my favorite fabric store.  I was unemployed at the time and reluctant to pick up fabric without a project in mind.  So I left it on the shelf.  A few months later, my mother (and fellow fabric hoarder) gave me six yards of it for my birthday.

Then about a year ago, a friend of mine decided she wanted to make a Victorian costume for Dragoncon 2013 and of course I was on board.  I dithered over various fabrics for weeks until I remembered the black and white stripe.  Originally I had planned to make a walking suit, but when I didn't care for the cut of the bodice, I cut it down to a dinner bodice.  Then I decided I didn't like the sleeves, and changed it to a ballgown bodice.  I was pretty happy with the final result.

I still had a good amount of the stripe and black shantung, so for the black and white challenge I decided to make a day bodice for the dress like I'd originally planned.  I used the two-tone cuirass bodice pattern from Period Patterns for Stage and Screen, and the sleeves came from the Truly Victorian 1880 jacket bodice.  I flatlined the fashion fabric with black duck canvas for support, and then bag lined with the black cotton.  I machine stitched the button holes as well.  There just wasn't enough time to do anything else.  I made covered buttons for the front of the bodice out of the striped fabric.

There's still a few pins where I need to tack the lining inside, and not all of the buttons are actually attached.  I also may go back and trim it more when I have time, but for now, here's what I have.  

It looks a little better on a person.

Covered buttons


The Challenge: Black and White

Fabric: Black poly shantung, black and white striped something, black cotton solid, black duck canvas
Pattern:  Period Patterns for Stage and Screen, Two-tone Cuirass Bodice.  Sleeves are Truly Victorian TV428.
Year: 1880's
Notions: Fabric covered buttons
How historically accurate is it? The outer fabrics are poly, and it is all machine sewing.  But I think the silhouette and patterns are pretty accurate.
Hours to complete: 8-10
First worn: Not yet.
Total cost: Under $25 - the main fabrics were leftovers from another project.

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